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Decimal Addition on the Wii

We’ve been using the Wii to generate some data for our maths. Have a look at the image above. What is the total distance jumped by the characters we played (Tails and Donkey Kong)? What is the total for the top three in the table? What top tips have you got for adding decimals?


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Wii Maths

Yesterday’s Wii Maths session saw us using the Long Jump event to get better at finding differences between distances in decimals. After the session we spoke about what made it a good maths session, and what we could do in future Wii Maths sessions. Add your ideas below as to which games would be possible to use and how they could help develop our mathematics knowledge.¬†


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Wii Maths – Conversion of Length


As part of March Maths we’ve started to use the Wii as inspiration for some mathematical activities. We have been using Wii Golf to look at converting distances. We had to convert the distances from metres to centimetres, and even¬†millimetres.¬†What top tips do you have for conversion of distances?


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