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Watch this video on meanders and learn more about them at this BBC site too. Can you use Google Maps to identify some meanders on the River Thames?  How about elsewhere in the country, perhaps the River Ouse in Sussex? Copy the URL for the map into a comment and try to describe where the meander is too.


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Village Survey

As part of our Village Survey tomorrow we would like to collect some information about people who live in the village. If you are able to answer these few questions and submit them we’d be really grateful. Please do pass on this link to others in the village too, so we can build up a detailed picture of the village.

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Drake’s Circumnavigation

We are going to be looking at Drake’s circumnavigation of the globe on Tuesday afternoon – looking at where he went and what happened.  During the session we will be working on a Google map and adding locations from the data document Drake’s Circumnav Google Map .


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