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Switchzoo Animals

Have a look at our great animal creations. What habitat do they belong in?

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Home Learning 8-3-2013

Wow, what a World Book Day. Some great visits from Julian Warrender and Jamie Thomson, two fabulous local authors. What did you enjoy about their visits? Have you read either of their books? What did you think? Add your comments to this post.

Your home learning task is to prepare for our assembly on Thursday. Get the costumes you need for your advert and collect an old plastic bottle to make into a version of your product.  The second part of the home learning is to have a look on the Children’s University website and further investigate our skeletons. What facts did you discover? Add them as comments to the post.


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Home Learning 11-01-2013

Linked to our science, this week’s home learning task is to keep a food diary over three days. What did you eat during each day? Record on the Healthy_Living_Homework_11-1-13 sheet, or you can record in your own way. We will be using the results in class, so make sure you complete all three days.

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Alarming work in Badgers


We’ve been designing alarm systems to protect a jewel this week. Have a look at the photos of our investigations into the best circuits.

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The Solar System

To help you with some more information for your super factsheets, here is a short video on the Solar System. What facts could you Magpie for your own writing?


You could also have a look at this site for some extra information.


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Home Learning 30-11-2012

Towards the end of next week we are going to be looking at the Earth and Beyond and linking our science to this exciting topic.  Your home learning task is to find out some fabulous facts about the Earth, the Moon and the Stars. Either comment the facts onto the blog or write them down in your home learning book, so we can use them in Literacy to help us produce some great information texts.


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Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere

Yesterday in Science we thought about bubbles and where we could find them. We noticed them in the fermenting yeast, and of course when we used the bubble wands. But where else do you find bubbles? Add your ideas to this post.


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