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Nativity Posters

CaptureAs its our Key Stage 2 Nativity at the end of week, your task is to create a poster advertising the production.  Use Purplemash and search for the Nativity Poster. Try to include as much detail as possible.

As an extension try this paper snowflake cutting simulator. Click on the snowflake to access it.

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What’s all this about Rationing?

We’re going to be investigating Rationing and then presenting our findings using Purplemash.  Have a look at the BBC site linked on the image of the evacuee. Read through the information and add it to your Rationing mind map.  You can record your findings as writing or pictures, but you will need to be able to use the notes to help you write about Rationing.


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Beat Bullying

As we are focussing on beating bullying this week, and specifically the fact that we all have the right to stay safe, we are going to create some posters using Purplemash. Click on the link attached to the image on the right to access the activity. What tips would you give someone to Beat Bullying? Add them to this post as well as including them in your posters.


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