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Home Learning 09-11-12

As a Home Learning task I’d like you to find a bag (a supermarket type is fine for size). In it they are to pack to be evacuated. You cannot take anything which will not fit in the bag and must prioritise items as you would have been staying away for a very long time. In your home learning books list what you took and why you have chosen them. You should also reflect on how it felt to be leaving behind the things they enjoy in their home, e.g. games, books, photos etc…Bring in your home learning book and perhaps a photo of the packed bag.  Happy Packing!


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Blitz Calligrams

Have a look at the Blitz Calligrams below. What do you think? Which words work the best? Can you find words with onomatopoeia?

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Home Learning 05-09-12

Well done with the times tables. Some of you have really progressed well and have moved on to the next target.  Keep on learning your target times table at home.

This week’s home learning task is related to our new learning journey which will be about World War 2 and how it affected people in a village like Barcombe. You have two tasks; the first is to find out about something to do with World War 2 in Britain, the second is to think of a name for our learning journey. The best names will be put to the vote and the winner will be put up in the class. Think about what makes a good title. Can you use alliteration?  As the first task involves some finding out I’ll give you two weeks to produce a poster with information you’ve discovered (use a page of your home learning book to create the poster on).

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