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Snow Day!

As a result of all the snow we’re closed today. After you’ve made snowmen and thrown snowballs, what next? You could rehearse your part of the assembly. We’ll be practising more tomorrow, but any rehearsing of lines you could do will help.

Capture snow footstepsIn addition, why not create a poster advertising Barcombe as a Winter holiday location. Perhaps take photos and think of a snowy slogan, or pretend that you could do cross-country skiing through Knowlands Wood! Try to be imaginative and remember that advertising is often about exaggerating the truth! Alternatively, draw a picture of the scene outside your bedroom window.

Fancy a maths challenge? Why not measure the distance between your family’s footsteps in the snow! Who has the longest? Or try the spicy maths challenge linked to the picture.

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Last Week & Snowflakes

As its our last week before the Christmas break, here’s a little snowflake inspired activity for you to have a go at.  Click on the image and get snowflake making.

How many lines of symmetry do they have?


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