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Blitz Feelings

How would you have felt if you had been in the London or another city during the bombing of the Blitz.  Look at these images and comment your thoughts.


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Luigi’s Speedy Pizza Takeaway Open For Business

As you can see we’ve been making pizzas in class, but what is your favourite pizza? Add your answer to this post by adding a comment. What else does Luigi’s Speedy Pizza Takeaway need to help him serve customers?


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Olympic History

Have a look at this piece of writing by Echo and Sam. What do you think of it? Can you list two stars and a wish?

When did the Olympics start?

The Olympics started in Greece in 776 BC. They were a series of brutal games in honour of Zeus (King of the gods.)

Events and games

On the first day of the Olympics they had a short sprint from one side of the stadium to the other. Gradually more and more events where added to the Olympics, to make four days complete. The events were Wrestling, Boxing, Long Jump, Javelin, Discuss and Chariot racing. The toughest event was the race of the Hoplites, who were men wearing amour and carrying shields.


About 50,000 people could sit in the Olympia stadium. Athletes had hotel rooms, but spectators had to find a place to put their tents up on a field.


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Magic Vs and Magic Ys

In Maths we have been trying to solve this Magic Vs problem.  We discovered a number of solutions and discussed why they worked. Elliot, Louis and Archie went further and tried to investigate a Magic Y.  Using the numbers 1-7 can you make the three ‘arms’ of the Y total the same numberThe boys have found one solution, but can you find any others? Why not add your solutions to this post, or bring them into school to put on the maths wall? Are there other shapes which could be used for similar problems?


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Hindleap Information Text

Have a look at this information text created in class this morning by Kaiya. What do you think? What has she done well, what could she improve on next time? Add your comments to this post. Remember to think about the features that information texts have.

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Have you ever given something up for a period of time? How did it feel and what benefits were there? How far would you go in giving things up?

Click on this video link to find out more about the fasting element of the Pillars of Islam and reflect on what Muslims do in Ramadan and why. What motivates Muslims to fast for such a long time? Lent starts tomorrow. Lots of people give up something for Lent. What do you think you could give up?

Why not test your new knowledge using a Zondle quiz. Login to Zondle and look at the ‘topics my teacher has set me’ section and click on Pillars of Islam.


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Turtle Poetry

Have a look at these short poems inspired by the turtle in The Wreck of the Zanzibar. What do you think of them? What have they done well? What could be improved? Add your comments to this post. Click on the images to get larger images.


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