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Dr Barnardo

We’ve been looking at the awful places that Oliver lived in whilst on the streets of London. Dr Barnardo was one of the men who tried to help the children who lived on the streets of Victorian London. Have a look at the slideshow below to find out more about the life of this man.

What have you found out? Add the facts as comments on the blog,


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Garden Designs

We produced some super designs yesterday in ICT. Have a look at the examples below. What features do you think work well?


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Home Learning 18-01-2013

This week’s home learning task is to use the description of the Artful Dodger below to draw a picture of the character. What does he look like? How would he stand? Use the text below, but also use other versions of Oliver Twist to help you.

Oliver looked up through the blur of his tearful eyes to see a strange sight. The Artful Dodger was about ten years old, small, filthy, with sharp little eyes and a snub nose. Her was dressed in a grown man’s clothes. A hat struggled to balance right on top of his head. He half smiled at Oliver, his hat wobbling.


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Oliver and The Artful Dodger come to class

Some great Oliver role playing was seen in Badgers class today. Some of you really got into the roles you had. Here are a few photo freeze frames of the moment Dodger introduces Oliver to Fagin.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next week we will be doing more role play. What questions would you ask The Artful Dodger or Oliver? Add your question to this post and it may get asked on Monday.

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What does art tell us about the Victorians?

Family_of_Queen_VictoriaWe’ve been looking at this image of Queen Victoria and her family in history today. What does this image tell us about the Victorians? Remember that you need to find evidence in the image for your ideas.

We also recorded some of our ideas in a Voicethread. Click on the image to the right to see what we have to say.

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A New Term A New Learning Journey

 After the Christmas break, welcome back to a new term and a new learning journey. As with our last journey I want you to own this learning journey; so I want to know what you would like to find out about, and what our learning journey should be called. Add your ideas as comments to this post.


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