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Monday Maths Problem

Most Mondays we’ll be doing a maths problem of some sort. This week we’re looking at two problems from the fantastic 7Puzzle Blog.  The first is a puzzle finding ways of making 14, the second a problem using the numbers 1-10. Click on the numbers and have a go. Add any solutions to this post as comments.



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Home Learning 04-11-2011

This week I’ve got a bit of a maths problem for you to have a go at.  Have a go and comment your ideas on the post, or write them down and bring them in your folder to school.

Dan bought a packet of crisps and an ice cream. The cost of both of them together is in one of the boxes below.

Use these clues to find out how much he paid:

1. You need more than three coins to make this amount.
2. There would be change from the most valuable coin.
3. The crisps cost more than 50p.
4. You could pay without using any copper coins.
5. The ice cream costs exactly twice as much as the crisps.

For those of you up for the challenge, you might also want to look at this Thirty Nine Challenge too.


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