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Olympic Torch Relay Animations

After our early finish yesterday to enjoy the Olympic Torch Relay we have been inspired to create some animations. Have a look at the ones below and add your comments.

Click on the pictures below to watch the animated versions.


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Sports Day in the News

Today we’ve been looking at writing reports about our Sports Day. The class presented their work in a range of ways. Here are a few examples. Please comment on them and let us know what we have done well and what we can improve on.

Click on the play button to hear an audio report [audio]


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Sketch Up Olympic Designs

Have a look at these 3D designs for an Olympic Education Centre we made using Google SketchUp. What do you think of them? What have we done well? What could we improve on?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Olympic History

Have a look at this piece of writing by Echo and Sam. What do you think of it? Can you list two stars and a wish?

When did the Olympics start?

The Olympics started in Greece in 776 BC. They were a series of brutal games in honour of Zeus (King of the gods.)

Events and games

On the first day of the Olympics they had a short sprint from one side of the stadium to the other. Gradually more and more events where added to the Olympics, to make four days complete. The events were Wrestling, Boxing, Long Jump, Javelin, Discuss and Chariot racing. The toughest event was the race of the Hoplites, who were men wearing amour and carrying shields.


About 50,000 people could sit in the Olympia stadium. Athletes had hotel rooms, but spectators had to find a place to put their tents up on a field.


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Which Olympian do you most respect?

We’re looking at different Olympians from across the world as part of our guide to the Olympics. Which Olympian do you most respect? What achievements are you amazed by? Who is your favourite sportsman and why? Add your ideas as comment to this post.


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Home Learning 15-06-2012

Just a quick reminder of your home learning for this week. Your task is to continue our work from earlier in the week and find out about an Olympic athlete. You should use your KWL Grid you started on Wednesday and try and find out as much as possible about their lives. Remember, you’re going to be using this to support your writing on Thursday, so the more information that you find the easier it will be to complete the first page of our Olympic Guide.

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Rock Around The Clock

Have a look at this video and have a rehearsal at home.


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