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Roman Research

To add to and compliment your great home learning research, have a look at this BBC site with information about the Romans. Use it to gather more information on your chosen topic.

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February Break Home Learning

Its half-term next week, so I’m posting a couple of home learning tasks for you to have a go at. Choose one of these writing tasks (or perhaps both) and have a go. You can comment a response on this post, or use DropItToMe to send it electronically. Alternatively bring it in to school when we return and we’ll share your responses with the class under the visualiser.

Task one: complete the 100 Word Challenge for this week. The prompt can be found on the 100WC site and it is; 

…it wasn’t my fault…

Task two: write a 500 word story for the Radio 2 500 Words challenge. This could be on any subject, so is an opportunity to really impress me – and of course Chris Evans! If you want to enter the competition for real, submit your entry using the form online.

As a final task; if anyone needs to complete (or do more for) their Roman project, why not use the holiday to go to the library or a museum and found out fabulous Roman facts.


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Home Learning 20-01-2012

I was really impressed with your 100 Word Challenges from last week. Well done.

Inspired by The Thieves of Ostia (our class reader) this week’s task is to write a diary entry for a child living in Roman Britain. What have you been up to? What things would Roman children have done? What might they have eaten? Have a look at the Roman Mysteries site and also this BBC site to give you some ideas.


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Home Learning 13-01-2012

You’ve produced some great timelines for last week’s task. Well done. I’ll try to find homes for them on the walls of the class, so you can use them in lesson time.

This week’s task is to have another go at a 100 Word Challenge. This week the task is to respond to the prompt …all at once they fell over ….

But I’d like to add a twist to this by saying that your 100 Words need to be Roman themed. So have a think, how could you use some of what we’ve been learning about Roman Britain to make your writing a really great 100 Words!


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Roman Dig

As the village Roman villa dig is not open at the moment, we are going to participate in a Roman archaeological dig online. Click on the link and have a go. Once you have finished, comment on the blog and say how you got on. What was it like to use a simulation instead of the real thing? When might a simulation dig be useful?


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Lego Timeline

Look at this great piece of home learning by Ed.


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Home Learning 06-01-2012

After yesterday’s session looking at when the Roman Invasion of Britain occurred your home learning task is to create a timeline of Roman times. Watch the video below and use it to inspire your own timeline. You can create the timeline however you like, but it must include the key dates in Roman history.


Remember your spellings too. They can be found by clicking Spellings week 01, or go to the spelling page. These words are ones which you thought were tricky and would be useful for our Roman Invasion learning journey.


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