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Home Learning 14-09-2012

What a first full week we’ve had. I’ve really enjoyed myself and I know that the class have had great fun delivering pizzas and guessing acted out verbs.  The home learning for this weekend is all about our class charity. What charity should we have? Your task is to think about a charity that you would like Badgers to support, and then be prepared to present your choice to the class next week. You can do this in small groups, or on your own.  You can present your choice on paper, as a PowerPoint, a video, however you like.  Good luck.


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Home Learning 24-02-2012

This week’s home learning task is going to be one that is stretched across two weeks, because we are at Hindleap next week. So its due in on Thursday the 8th March. Your task is to come up with some ideas for items we could sell for a Mother’s Day Charity sale on the 16th March. See if you can come up with ideas which are good presents for mothers, but also link with our WWF class charity. You will need to be able to talk to the class about your suggestions at a Class Council meeting; so think about costs and potential earnings.

Lastly a reminder for all the Foxes that we will be going to Hindleap at the end of next week. Make sure you get yourself sorted with the things you need, including a book for those of you there on Thursday as its World Book Day and we will be doing some Extreme Reading!


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Charity Fundraiser

In order that we start to raise some money for our class charity we need to decide on a fundraising event. Have a look at the poll below and cast your vote. Remember to think about how much money it would cost to put on, how many people would contribute, and how much we might make?

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Home Learning 30-09-2011

After your charity presentations the class chose WWF (World Wildlife Fund) for their class charity – so well done Amaryllis for persuading the class. Now its time to raise some money for our chosen charity. You home learning task is to come up with an idea to raise money for WWF. It needs to be a plan which won’t cost much to run, so we can maximise the amount we raise. Click on the image to link to WWFs website if you need inspiration.  So get your thinking caps on and present your idea to me by Thursday 6th October.


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