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Home Learning 08-02-2013

Home Learning this week is all about advertising. I want you to look around your home and collect examples of adverts. Bring them in to school, as we’re going to be using them next week to develop our understanding of what makes a good advert and how we can be persuasive writers.

In addition, we’ve been looking at addition and subtraction this week. Why not have a go at these money based problems. You can choose your level, then answer the questions.


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Ring a Ring a Numbers

Have a look at the problems below. The first problem is based on the idea of finding differences between numbers, and then seeing if the answer is odd or even. ┬áThe second builds on the first by changing the number of numbers you are dealing with. Try to investigate them both and see what you find. Remember to think what if… You can add any thoughts to this post as a comment.


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Home Learning 27-01-2012

I have really enjoyed the diary entries you submitted for last week’s task. You clearly researched the period well and used the detail to create some fabulous diaries.

This week’s task is maths one. I’d like you to have a go at continuing the activity you did in class today. So, have a go at either Nice & Nasty or Dicey Operations, whichever you want to challenge yourself with. You will need to play these games with a partner, so grab a parent, brother, sister, grandparent…. and have a go. Comment how you get on, or come back to class and tell us what you found out.


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Time Problem Teaser

We ran out of time to solve this problem devised by Elliot in class today. Have a go yourself and post your answer.

School starts at 08.30 and ends at 16.15. I go back home but return to school later at 17.30. I finally get home at 19.15. How many minutes do I spend at school?


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