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Home Learning 09-03-2012

This week’s home learning task is split into two parts. The first is for you to bring in to school an empty jam jar for us to use in the production of an item for the Mother’s Day sale on Friday next week.  The second part is to investigate bread. What bread does your family like? What do you use bread for at home? What is needed to make bread rise? Whatever you discover, jot it down and bring it to school next week, or comment it on this post. We’ll be doing a mini-project on bread the following week and we will need all this information during our sessions.


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Home Learning 24-02-2012

This week’s home learning task is going to be one that is stretched across two weeks, because we are at Hindleap next week. So its due in on Thursday the 8th March. Your task is to come up with some ideas for items we could sell for a Mother’s Day Charity sale on the 16th March. See if you can come up with ideas which are good presents for mothers, but also link with our WWF class charity. You will need to be able to talk to the class about your suggestions at a Class Council meeting; so think about costs and potential earnings.

Lastly a reminder for all the Foxes that we will be going to Hindleap at the end of next week. Make sure you get yourself sorted with the things you need, including a book for those of you there on Thursday as its World Book Day and we will be doing some Extreme Reading!


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