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Hindleap Here We Go

On Wednesday the Year 5s are off to Hindleap Warren for their residential, followed by the Year 4s on Friday. In preparation we’re going to be doing some work based on the centre in Literacy and Maths. Have a look on the centre’s website and see what you can find out about Hindleap.


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Home Learning 24-02-2012

This week’s home learning task is going to be one that is stretched across two weeks, because we are at Hindleap next week. So its due in on Thursday the 8th March. Your task is to come up with some ideas for items we could sell for a Mother’s Day Charity sale on the 16th March. See if you can come up with ideas which are good presents for mothers, but also link with our WWF class charity. You will need to be able to talk to the class about your suggestions at a Class Council meeting; so think about costs and potential earnings.

Lastly a reminder for all the Foxes that we will be going to Hindleap at the end of next week. Make sure you get yourself sorted with the things you need, including a book for those of you there on Thursday as its World Book Day and we will be doing some Extreme Reading!


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Home Learning 11-11-11

Well done with those number problems from last week, I was impressed with the way some of you explained your working out and your use of logic. This week’s challenge is a reading one. You need to read the text (linked here) and then answer the questions. If you are looking for a challenge have a look at the extension activities and have a go at one of them. Finding it hard? Then ask a member of your family for their opinions on the questions you’ve been asked.


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