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Ring a Ring a Numbers

Have a look at the problems below. The first problem is based on the idea of finding differences between numbers, and then seeing if the answer is odd or even.  The second builds on the first by changing the number of numbers you are dealing with. Try to investigate them both and see what you find. Remember to think what if… You can add any thoughts to this post as a comment.


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Stop the Clock

Its time to revise our time knowledge. Have a go at the different challenges on the Stop the Clock site. After a bit of practice have a go at this problem – its a game of tactics and time knowledge. Once you have played a game a few times have a think about these questions:

What happens if your opponent gets to 10.30? Why?

How can you make sure you get exactly on 12 o’clock? What time would you leave on the clock so that you can get to 12.00 on your next go, after your opponent has been?
So, what time would you want the clock to say on the go before that?
How can you work out these “key times” that you must “land on” on your way to the target?
Add your ideas to this post.

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