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Shape up to 2D Shapes

This week we’ll be looking at shapes, starting with a look at 2D shapes. Here are a few sites to have a look at and test your knowledge. Click on the numbers to give them a go. Add any new information or vocabulary you have used to the comments on this post.


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Home Learning 15-02-13

Well done. You collected some great advert examples for your home learning task last week and we’ve been using them in class this week to develop our understanding of persuasive texts.

The holiday home learning task has two parts. The first is all about shape and the idea of symmetry.  I want you investigate which letters have lines of symmetry? Look at the letter A next to the text. Can you see the line of symmetry down the middle? But which other letters in the alphabet have lines of symmetry? If you are confused about symmetry, have a watch of the video linked here.

The second task is to have a go producing a poster advertising a place you visit during the holiday. Think about a snappy slogan and using bright bold lettering. Use adverts around your house to help inspire you.


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Shapes Around School

Here is the Google Map image of our school and the surroundings.  What shapes can you see in the aerial photograph? You may need to zoom to get a closer look.

Add them as comments to this post. Try an identify the locations in your responses e.g. (I can see an oblong on the Cricket Square)


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Last Week & Snowflakes

As its our last week before the Christmas break, here’s a little snowflake inspired activity for you to have a go at.  Click on the image and get snowflake making.

How many lines of symmetry do they have?


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