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Thank You

Wordle: thanks

We’ve been thinking about things to say Thank you for and who we should be thanking. Have a look at our Wordle to see the summary of our thanks. You can click on the image to see in more detail.


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Giving Thanks

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We’ve been looking in our school garden today and seeing what has been growing over the holidays. Have a look at the photos above. We thought how thankful we should be for the beauty of the different plants we found. What are you thankful for today?


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The Haj – Information Writing

Have a look at the slideshow below, and follow this link, to find out more about the Haj. Add to your notes, remembering that notes should be brief and include the most important information.

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Have you ever given something up for a period of time? How did it feel and what benefits were there? How far would you go in giving things up?

Click on this video link to find out more about the fasting element of the Pillars of Islam and reflect on what Muslims do in Ramadan and why. What motivates Muslims to fast for such a long time? Lent starts tomorrow. Lots of people give up something for Lent. What do you think you could give up?

Why not test your new knowledge using a Zondle quiz. Login to Zondle and look at the ‘topics my teacher has set me’ section and click on Pillars of Islam.


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Pillars of Islam – What Do You Know?

We’re looking at Islam today and will be investigating the 5 Pillars of Islam, as introduced by James and Mikey last week. Have a look at this site and discover more. Then record your new found knowledge as a mind map using


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