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Monday Maths Problem

Most Mondays we’ll be doing a maths problem of some sort. This week we’re looking at two problems from the fantastic 7Puzzle Blog.  The first is a puzzle finding ways of making 14, the second a problem using the numbers 1-10. Click on the numbers and have a go. Add any solutions to this post as comments.



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Home Learning 18-05-2012

I love the designs you created for the Queen’s boat last week. This week’s home learning task is a maths one and is inspired by some of the class’ requests for a problem solving task. For those of you asking for a writing task, we will be having a writing task next week.

We’ve been looking at challenging ourselves appropriately, so you can choose one of the two 7Puzzle challenges below as your home learning task.

18 May 2012: 70 DAYS TO GO

With the Olympics officially opening 10 weeks today, try our daily offering below.

Insert + – x ÷ where you see ? so the result of this 7-number calculation will be 70 when working one step at a time from Left to Right (no brackets allowed):

 6 ? 3 ? 5 ? 3 ? 8 ? 3 ? 7 = 70

18 May 2012: SEQUENCES

Find the number that should appear next in this sequence:

311   418   526   635   ?

Remember to read the problem carefully and try to use a systematic approach to solving it. If you want to comment your solutions you can do so on this blog, or on the 7puzzleblog.


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