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Healthy Drink Advertising

We’ve been looking at advertising healthy and energy giving drinks. Have a look at these quick posters we created using 2Publish Extra. Can you spy any persuasive features?

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Which posters did you like? What features do you think our class could add to improve our persuasive writing? Add comments to let us know.


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Home Learning 15-02-13

Well done. You collected some great advert examples for your home learning task last week and we’ve been using them in class this week to develop our understanding of persuasive texts.

The holiday home learning task has two parts. The first is all about shape and the idea of symmetry.  I want you investigate which letters have lines of symmetry? Look at the letter A next to the text. Can you see the line of symmetry down the middle? But which other letters in the alphabet have lines of symmetry? If you are confused about symmetry, have a watch of the video linked here.

The second task is to have a go producing a poster advertising a place you visit during the holiday. Think about a snappy slogan and using bright bold lettering. Use adverts around your house to help inspire you.


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