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Home Learning 11-01-2013

Linked to our science, this week’s home learning task is to keep a food diary over three days. What did you eat during each day? Record on the Healthy_Living_Homework_11-1-13 sheet, or you can record in your own way. We will be using the results in class, so make sure you complete all three days.

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Home Learning 09-01-2009

Its time for the first home learning of a new term and a new learning journey. I’m really impressed with the way you have thrown yourself into Dazzle & Zap and its links with science. So your task for this week is to find out about a famous scientist that made a contribution to world science in the area of light or electricity. It could be someone who invented the light bulb, discovered electricity or had theories about the colours in light. Its up to you. Present your information in note form as we will be using this to help us in our literacy sessions in the following week.


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Home Learning 03-10-2008

Well done with the Newspaper challenge, we got loads of pieces brought in for the lesson today and were able to produce some excellent work.  Well done to those like LW and IG who used the blog to comment their findings.

This week I want you to practise your adding skills by completing one of the challenges on the document linked below.  Choose you challenge, but make sure it is a challenge.



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Home Learning 26-09-08

There has been some great home learning over the last few weeks, in particular I have loved hearing Lily’s battlefield report and enjoyed eating some of Iggi’s lovely bread.  Its great to see the different ways in which you interpret the task I set you – Ryan’s mobile bread mind map was a great example of home learning.

This week’s task is connected with our new literacy topic of writing newspaper reports.  I would like you to collect interesting examples of headlines from newspapers or news websites (check out Newsround’s site for a few ideas) for use in our session on Friday.  Also, think about the other features that newspapers have, like photos, headers etc. You can comment any thoughts on the blog.


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