Home Learning 25-01-11

25 Nov

This week has seen some excellent 100 Word Challenge writing. I have been really impressed with the way you have been using complex sentences to add variety to your writing. Keep it up!

This week’s challenge is to learn your song or script words for The Late Wise Man. We’ll be rehearsing lots next week, so a few minutes at the weekend would be really great. In addition, have a go at the Maths Challenge on Sumdog. Click on the image to go direct to the site, or follow the usual links on the blog. Try and complete 15 games over the next few days.

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One response to “Home Learning 25-01-11

  1. SB Art Lover

    November 27, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    Please could you put this on the 100WC blog, week 11.

    “Unfair!” shouted my cousin Bella across the hard floor. “How?” I replied. We were alone in her kitchen playing a game of snap and she was trying to think of an excuse for me not getting the cards, whilst fiddling with her beautiful hair. Suddenly there was a flash of brown coming from the direction of the living room. And being me I had to go and see, because I get worried about everything. Leaving my cousin screaming I decided to go and investigate. Walking towards the door I pushed it open and standing on the carpet was my Uncle holding up and old camera!.


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