Home Learning 08-10-2010

07 Oct

Some great suggestions for the topic title.  We’ll choose the winner in school on Monday, so if anyone has inspiration over the weekend then add it to the blog, or put a post-it on the board in the class.  Well done too to those who have competed so well on the Sumdog Challenge.  The task finishes on Friday, but keep using Sumdog to help you with your maths.

This week’s task is connected to Literacy and the work we’re doing on performance poetry.  Each of you has a poem to learn for performance early next week.  Remember the 4 tips for performance poetry we came up with.


  1. Face the audience.
  2. Open your mouth and project your voice.
  3. Vary the pace and volume.
  4. Be expressive with your face and bodies.

Good luck everyone.  For more tips have a look at Dockers MC talking about how she does it.

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  1. Seth

    October 11, 2010 at 7:34 am

    Vanilla Van Ghost by Ivan Jones – a poetry reading by Lucas and Seth:


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