Weather Watch Challenge

07 Jan

Hope all of you are enjoying the snow and school will be closed on Friday 8th January too.  So here is another challenge for you to do during the snow break.  Log on to the VLE and go into Foxes Science page.  Check out the weather in Hove and compare it to that in Barcombe.  Where is the coldest place in the house? How can you find out and provide clear evidence?  Record your findings however you want.  If you create a Google Doc and share it with me (simonc) then I can have a look.

Take photos too of the beautiful snowy scenes.  We’ll be using them next week in Literacy for some poetry.  You can insert them into a document or bring them to school on memory stick when we get back.  Happy snapping.

Also, Mrs Tomsett tells me that James has moved the Sunday service to St Francis this weekend, and the shop has run out of bread and milk!  Can you interview people and find out how the freeze is effecting them.  We can use this in Literacy next week too.  Wrap up and have fun  Mr C.

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One response to “Weather Watch Challenge

  1. TJ

    January 8, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    Me William,Archie and Geordie made a massive igloo,it was a few metres square!


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