Home Learning 25-01-08

25 Jan

Home Learning this week is all about Fractions.  I’d like you to look at the Fractions part of the Rainforest Maths website and do some of the activities available.  Try the activities associated with Level D & E (Cones have a look at level C).  Once you have done this, produce a poster to tell Year 2 children what fractions are.  As it is a two parter, and we will look more at fractions next week, I will give you until the 7th February to give this in.

Talk Topic – linking to or Rainforest topic I’d like you to talk to your family about the destruction of the rainforests.  What do you think of it, what can we do, who is responsible?  Have a look at this Newsround article to give you an idea of some people’s thoughts.
Spellings have beyen given out today and will continue to be tested on a Friday. These spellings will run into the first week of the next term as there are five weeks listed. You will find the spellings for your group linked below.

Jugglers, Trapeze, Lion Tamers, High Wire, Acrobats

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