Home Learning 21-09-07

21 Sep

Firstly, well done to all of you for digging out such interesting things for our personal scrapbooks.  If you still have bits to come in, can you do so for next week.

This week’s home learning is also for our personal scrapbooks.  As part of these we are going to be having a page on what we find funny.  Can you please collect a couple of favourite jokes that really make you laugh and write them out in a fun and colourful way.  Also, are there any times in your life when you laughed loads and loads?  Tell me about them.

Finally this week’s Talk Topic.  Having read the front page article in First News this week the class were interested in expressing their opinions on children being allowed to decide on what happens to other children who have turned to crime.  So next week we will be discussing this.  Ask parents, your brothers and sisters.  Find out what different people think.  If you want to read the article it is on the First News website, which can be accessed via the Links.

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