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Time for some Time

clockWe’ve been looking at Time in our Maths sessions, and will be continuing in some sessions this week. Here’s a site which has some great links for time activities online. Have a go and add your comments about the activities to the post as comments. What top tips do you have for working out a time? What about digital or 24hr clocks?


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Snow Day!

As a result of all the snow we’re closed today. After you’ve made snowmen and thrown snowballs, what next? You could rehearse your part of the assembly. We’ll be practising more tomorrow, but any rehearsing of lines you could do will help.

Capture snow footstepsIn addition, why not create a poster advertising Barcombe as a Winter holiday location. Perhaps take photos and think of a snowy slogan, or pretend that you could do cross-country skiing through Knowlands Wood! Try to be imaginative and remember that advertising is often about exaggerating the truth! Alternatively, draw a picture of the scene outside your bedroom window.

Fancy a maths challenge? Why not measure the distance between your family’s footsteps in the snow! Who has the longest? Or try the spicy maths challenge linked to the picture.

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Shape up to 2D Shapes

This week we’ll be looking at shapes, starting with a look at 2D shapes. Here are a few sites to have a look at and test your knowledge. Click on the numbers to give them a go. Add any new information or vocabulary you have used to the comments on this post.


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Home Learning 15-02-13

Well done. You collected some great advert examples for your home learning task last week and we’ve been using them in class this week to develop our understanding of persuasive texts.

The holiday home learning task has two parts. The first is all about shape and the idea of symmetry.  I want you investigate which letters have lines of symmetry? Look at the letter A next to the text. Can you see the line of symmetry down the middle? But which other letters in the alphabet have lines of symmetry? If you are confused about symmetry, have a watch of the video linked here.

The second task is to have a go producing a poster advertising a place you visit during the holiday. Think about a snappy slogan and using bright bold lettering. Use adverts around your house to help inspire you.


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Home Learning 08-02-2013

Home Learning this week is all about advertising. I want you to look around your home and collect examples of adverts. Bring them in to school, as we’re going to be using them next week to develop our understanding of what makes a good advert and how we can be persuasive writers.

In addition, we’ve been looking at addition and subtraction this week. Why not have a go at these money based problems. You can choose your level, then answer the questions.


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Fractions of numbers

We’ve been looking at fractions over the last few days. Have a go on this activity to test your understanding of finding fractions of numbers. Click on the image below to open the task, then choose a level to work at.

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Measure Investigations

Today in Maths we investigated whether the length of all our fingers was the same as the total length of one of our arms. But what else could we investigate? Have a think and add your comments for suggested statements to investigate.

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Data Handling Dilemma

Here are the results of a quick survey of the class, asking which main meal they preferred during the week.  How else could the group have presented this data? Which was the most popular food? Which was the least? What was the difference between Lasagne and Fish Fingers?

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Home Learning 16-11-2012

This week’s home learning is all about shape. Your task is to create a poster to tell me what you have learnt about 2D and 3D shape. You could include the properties of different shapes, where the shapes could be found, and any other information. You may want to try and create a net to make a 3D shape pop-out. Try to put the work into your home learning book (although you may need more than one page!).

To help you out here are a few links with information and games about Shape.

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Shapes Around School

Here is the Google Map image of our school and the surroundings.  What shapes can you see in the aerial photograph? You may need to zoom to get a closer look.

Add them as comments to this post. Try an identify the locations in your responses e.g. (I can see an oblong on the Cricket Square)


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