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Home Learning 14-06-2013

Well done on your garden surveys from last week. This weeks task is connected with the poem Magic Box by Kit Wright, which we’ve been looking at in school. You can see Kit Wright reading it by clicking on the image to the left. What would you put in your Magic Box? What would it look like? Perhaps make a list, or draw a picture to show the magic box and its contents.

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Home Learning 07-06-13

Your home learning task this week is to look around your garden and see what plant life you can find. Record it however you like (draw pictures, make a list, take photographs) and compare it to the plant life that you found when looking at the Recreation Ground.

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Home Learning 15.3.13

This week’s home learning task follows on from our datahandling work in class. Your task is to investigate the different food packages at home and what they’re made of.  Look at the food packaging survey homelearning file to find out more details.

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Home Learning 8-3-2013

Wow, what a World Book Day. Some great visits from Julian Warrender and Jamie Thomson, two fabulous local authors. What did you enjoy about their visits? Have you read either of their books? What did you think? Add your comments to this post.

Your home learning task is to prepare for our assembly on Thursday. Get the costumes you need for your advert and collect an old plastic bottle to make into a version of your product.  The second part of the home learning is to have a look on the Children’s University website and further investigate our skeletons. What facts did you discover? Add them as comments to the post.


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Home Learning 1-3-2013

This week’s home learning task is to complete either the 100 Word or 5 Sentence Challenge. You can add your response to the blog as a comment, or you can write it in your book.

The 100 Word Challenge prompt for this week is quite a simple one. It is:

…the car stopped suddenly…

Make sure you keep to the 100 word limit and do go and visit at least 2 other pieces from different schools on the 100 Word blog.]

The 5 Sentence Challenge prompt is a picture. Try to write 5 interesting sentences about the image and see if you can vary the word you start the sentence with.



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Home Learning 15-02-13

Well done. You collected some great advert examples for your home learning task last week and we’ve been using them in class this week to develop our understanding of persuasive texts.

The holiday home learning task has two parts. The first is all about shape and the idea of symmetry.  I want you investigate which letters have lines of symmetry? Look at the letter A next to the text. Can you see the line of symmetry down the middle? But which other letters in the alphabet have lines of symmetry? If you are confused about symmetry, have a watch of the video linked here.

The second task is to have a go producing a poster advertising a place you visit during the holiday. Think about a snappy slogan and using bright bold lettering. Use adverts around your house to help inspire you.


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Home Learning 08-02-2013

Home Learning this week is all about advertising. I want you to look around your home and collect examples of adverts. Bring them in to school, as we’re going to be using them next week to develop our understanding of what makes a good advert and how we can be persuasive writers.

In addition, we’ve been looking at addition and subtraction this week. Why not have a go at these money based problems. You can choose your level, then answer the questions.


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Home Learning 30-01-2012

As the class has been struck down by illness, I’ve posted the home learning task today, so that children can have ago over a slightly longer period of time.  Its National Storytelling week this week, so the home learning task is to review a story book which you really like. You can use the Book Review template linked here, or you can choose to present your book review in an inventive way. Perhaps you could use video, images or some other way of communicating your love of the book.


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Home Learning 18-01-2013

This week’s home learning task is to use the description of the Artful Dodger below to draw a picture of the character. What does he look like? How would he stand? Use the text below, but also use other versions of Oliver Twist to help you.

Oliver looked up through the blur of his tearful eyes to see a strange sight. The Artful Dodger was about ten years old, small, filthy, with sharp little eyes and a snub nose. Her was dressed in a grown man’s clothes. A hat struggled to balance right on top of his head. He half smiled at Oliver, his hat wobbling.


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Happy Christmas and Welcome!

Its been a long term and I’d like to say thank you to all the Badgers for working so hard. Thanks too to the parents for their support.

We’re going to be looking at the Victorians over the next couple of terms, so as your Christmas home learning task have a think about what you already know about this important period in history. You may also want to watch Oliver Twist when its on over the break, as we’ll be using this book to base a lot of our learning.

Finally, a big welcome to our new Quadblogging partners in Lincoln. Banff and Duffield (both Canada). Click on the images below to have a look at their blogs and see what they are up to around the Christmas period.Capture lincolnCapture ms feist




Capture mrs leavell


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